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 This week Charlie brings us up to date:

Well it’s been a pretty busy time for us all since the the New Year. No less than twelve new films in the pipeline. Of course, the one we’re all very excited about is Juice of Shame. It’s going to be a corker, with Ryan Beald, who you’ll remember from River Madness, and a cast of quite a few others. Lots of jolly bad language and as much sex as we can get into it.

Tim’s been having a bit of trouble with Stove 4, which to his disgust, was shot in HD, but once he stops holding his breath and biting the carpet, we should have another little horror classic on our books.

And here’s a piece of trivia for all you Forkies out there - how many hits did Stove 1 get in it’s first year ?

Answer: Fifty five

It’s figures like that that keep us all going.



Archive of Squits

Feb/March 2013

Artistic director Tim Hood clarifies the context  in which he managed to miss the deadline for the Cannes entry, Unspooken.

“For God’s sake! It was paperwork that was missed! The film was ready on time. Look at the date on the upload! The day before the deadline. You can’t expect me to do it all! Most depressing of all is that the other two Electric Fork directors could never understand how much it hurts to know that this gem will now not have the chance to compete with the best in private film making. Unspooken could have been a contender.

Judge for yourselves. Is Unspooken just another clever play on words, or is it really entertainment?

“It’s neither, you moron!” Tim interjects, “Unspooken lays bare the very basest of our desires, the desire to be afraid. Afraid, frightened of something, ANYTHING , even something that in the light of day you might eat. It touches us at a level we rarely allow to be touched. This is ART not entertainment”

Asked about the controversial vegatalia scene, he is dismissive, “It’s not all happy endings, you know. I’m not in the business of making crap.”

Watch Unspooken in full, now.

“It could have been a contender”

This month Tim tells us the news.

“Tim tells us the news?” No doubt you’ve noticed that it’s been months since the last new entry. We all agreed it was Hank’s turn but true to form, nothing happened. So “Tim tells [you] the news”.

I’m not going back over the disappointment of missing the Cannes deadline, but stand by Unspooken as a worthy contender. Many have tried working with vegetables, few have succeeded and Electric Fork is one of them. Although the film owes its creative impact to me, I had some excellent frameage to work with. Surprisingly, it was Hank who shot the film. More surprising still, is the sensitivity he displayed in filming the vegetable actors.Some of his clips seem to convey an empathy with the tubers. It’s as if he is saying, ‘ You are my toys but I shall treat you gently even though you will shrivel and die anyway’. When I asked him how he’d achieved the depth of feeling these clips evoke, he told me that he had gone into the studio one night determined to do something with the tubers. “I took a bong and a Joe Satriani CD, my iPod 5th generation and a torch I’d got in a set at Aldi.”

This brutal approach  apparently works.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Neil Dean. Electric Fork invited Neil to let them create his website. (POA) This led to further collaborations culminating in the exquisite  Flying Machine

The Stove 5 has a shiny new title sequence that looks very smart, oh yes, very smart indeed. Smart enough to be shown in HD. Bah!